Light Gauge Steel Framing System

Steel-Framed House

Our steel-framed house is your perfect home to last a lifetime – it’s resilient, design-friendly, economic, and eco-friendly. NEDSteel manufactures frames and trusses for houses from high tensile g550 galvanized or zincalume steel coils designed, cut and assembled with the aid of a specialized computer software and roll former machine. Each house plan is assigned a computer file processed by the software, which commands the roll former to roll steel into channel sections (members) with holes punched in to enable each to be riveted together into a whole house frame. Every piece of stud, plate and nogging on the walls, as well as all materials associated with the roof trusses are manufactured to exact measurements, making reproduction of the same frame easy and quick as many times as required.

The NEDSteel framing is strong and will stay true to form without maintenance or treatment, and endure in the face of natural calamities. The steel has hot-dipped metal coating that resists corrosion; unlike wood framing, it will not warp, rot, buckle, split, splinter, be destroyed by fire, or consumed by termites. Under stable floor conditions, the frame will suffer minimal damage during an earthquake. It is also engineered to withstand a range of wind speeds of up to 50 meters/second (180kph). In cyclonic areas, it incorporates the use of heavier steel members with specially-designed walls and roof framing. The exterior walls and roof trusses may be fitted with many choices of locally-produced materials and coverings. The superior strength of steel also negates the need for “load-bearing” interior walls, allowing open and clear span interiors that can be decorated according to the house owner’s wishes.

Since steel is much stronger than wood, fewer pieces are needed to build a highly-stable frame. Light gauge steel is cheaper per linear meter compared to Concrete Hollow Blocks (CHB), and is easier and faster to set up – the frames for an averaged-sized house are light enough to be placed into position by three men in around two days. Its consumption benefits the environment because it means the conservation of precious standing timber resources. NEDSteel’s frame is made from 66% recycled steel.