Light Gauge Steel Framing System


NEDSteel uses computerized roll form machines controlled by proprietary software to manufacture frames and trusses using high tensile G550 galvanized or zincalume steel coils, rolled formed into channel sections, cut and punched, then riveted together to create a building’s total frame. We also produce galvanized studs, tracks, joists, rafters, and fasteners. Steel frame can be cut to virtually any size and shape – NEDSteel pre-cuts to as short as 0.10m to any transportable length – and is compatible with other building materials. It can be the skeleton structure for a two-storey house and buildings with up to a maximum height of three (3) meters. ZINCALUME® G550 steel is a hot-dipped zinc/aluminum alloy-coated structural steel with a spangled surface and a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550 MPa with limited ductility. It is suitable for roll forming to a minimum internal diameter of 4t. ZINCALUME® G550 steel is skinpassed to improve surface quality. Skinpassed material is used to supply COLORBOND® steel and is not available without the COLORBOND® paint finish.