Light Gauge Steel Framing System

Floating House

The threat of Global Warming is a worldwide predicament; tropical countries, like the Philippines, are already experiencing the brunt of its threat as storms and super typhoons, which cause destructive floods, strike and affect millions of people, leaving behind huge casualties and property destruction. To mitigate the risks of flooding, which can rise at alarming rates to fully submerge a single-storey house, NEDSteel has come up with a design for a house or building structure that can rise or float during heavy floods. The structure’s model was designed by Architect Edilberto J. Morcilla, NEDSteel’s Chairman/Director, and has been issued a patent by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) on 2013.

The model utilizes NEDSteel’s Light Gauge Steel Frame system and lightweight, locally-available building materials. It looks like a typical house, but with four (4) vertical guide columns each located in its four corners and “floaters” installed below its ground floor. The “floaters” will make the structure buoyant while the guide columns anchor the house in place so it will float up but not away as floodwaters rise, and slide back in place on the lot when floodwaters recede.